Back from the Babymoon and a Special "Birthday"

We are back from the best babymoon ever!!!!  Kevin and I had the most wonderful, incredible, special 10 days...and honestly, it is sooo hard to be back today after flying in late last night.  Reality is a difficult but necessary adjustment.  We experienced God so much on this trip, and were just overwhelmed with His goodness and mercies.  I'm in a little shock with the cool KY weather as we just spent 8 of the last 10 days enjoying the beauty of the beach.  God is so alive to me through the ocean He created.  We had some great worship times there.  (And by that I mean literal singing on the sand and in the sea - loved it!!!)  We also played in the waves, killed our frisbee record, explored the city, read a lot, talked even more, and shared great food.  Once I download the pics I'll share some of our fun memories.  So good to get away with the man of my dreams and focus on each other so much before the family fun begins!!!

Speaking of Baby Love, I am IN LOVE with him or her for sure! I can honestly say that I dream of and get super and equally excited about either a firstborn son or daughter. God has always known and I trust Him. For some reason I am finding I have a bit of an aversion to others having a definitive perspective on what gender the baby's going to be. I guess it just feels so weird...but I am learning to be graceful.

It is awesome that our sweet little one is on the move so much now...and it is helping me to feel like I'm really getting to know and bond with the baby, which melts my heart.  Baby Love got so excited every single time we sat by the ocean.  A heart like his/her mom (and dad!) for sure!  The placenta must not be in the front (I read that somewhere), because several times this week we could watch my belly and see it bounce or one area move from a kick!  It is so awesome...I laughed whenever I was reading a book and propping it on my belly and the book would move from the baby's movement.  Cute!  I have all kinds of beach belly pics and prego updates...but maybe tomorrow...because today...

is the CELEBRATION of the day I became baptized and born again 20 years ago!!!  I was 10 years old and it was so special.  I remember very clearly being desperate and so ready to surrender my heart and life to Jesus and proclaim my devotion to him!  I'm pretty sure the congregation sang the old hymn, "I have decided to follow Jesus...no turning back...." as I was raised by my dad out of the water - the old was washed away and I was born brand new.  And my life has never been the same.  I would be nothing without my relationship with Jesus and my Creator.  My devotion to Him is deeper now than it has ever been, and I long for everyone to know and experience the joy and hope of seeking after him and being excited about the promise of eternal life!!!  Heaven is going to be something special my friends.  A joy inexpressible.  We are so loved!  I was certainly reminded of that this week as I reflected on how high and wide and vast is the Father's power and His love for me.  He has sought me, carried me, taught me, led me, held me, picked me up, forgiven me, pursued me, and embraced me...through great times and dark times. I rejoice in such an undeserved gift as my Savior. This is the crazy joy I write about. This morning I rocked it out on my way to work by worshiping to the Passion 2011 worship cd that my brother graciously shared with me. It's awesome. The following is a powerful song to play and sing loud and strong at some point today. I pray you are feeling Him carry and pursue you today. Run to Him, fall crazy in love, and never turn back!

Happy Thursday friends...you are loved!!!


Melanie said...

What a beautiful post!! Can't wait to hear more about your trip and see some pictures when you have time to post them! So glad u could go on a babymoon! Those first 'belly movements' are the best, arent they?!

Lori said...

Love your post, Page! So excited you are loving all things baby and being able to share fun times with Kevin on the babymoon! Beach sounds fun. Our baby moon was fun while preggo with Lucy but horrendously HOT!
So thankful for your rebirth celbration!!

cait said...

So glad you all had such a good time and had a chance to get away just you two. Can't wait to hear more about it! :)