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Goodbye weekend, hello Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Girls' Weekend 2011.  Yesterday I returned home from some wonderfully much needed girlfriend time.  Several years ago God beautifully orchestrated a group of amazing women to come together for bible study, friendship, and simply doing life together in Cincinnati.  We all came to the group at different times, but when we met we were all in early/mid twenties, not married, no kids.  So we've been through a lot.  Since then we have been scattered to different states and we are all 30 or over and in all kinds of different seasons of life.  There has been some serious heartache and some beautifully answered prayers in that sweet circle of friends; times when we've stayed in touch well, and times when we've been less connected.  Yet our friendships remain.  It takes a long time to develop deep friendships when you move to a new area and go through some major life transitions like I did a couple years ago.  Definitely some sadness comes a long with that.  Needless to say, it was a joy to be together again for some time away.  We all agreed that the friendships in that group are more like family, and it's just not something that can be recreated.  Our weekend was filled with talking and laughing until our throats hurt, crying together, praying together, and eating some seriously yummy food.  I think most of all we experienced how life giving it is just to have your heart heard, especially by the people who have seen you through much of that life that has carried you to this moment.  Those friends are my soul friends - the ones who will cry with me in my darkest moments, rejoice with me in the best ones.  We are prayer warriors for each other.  I am so grateful.  (And yet I took no pictures...little makeup, lots of pajama wearing...so I'll have to borrow a few from others and share them later!)  Thank you friends for the fun time!!

2.  Baby registry - advice needed!  So after spending so much time with friends who shared all their baby/birth/parenting stories and pumped me up for mine, I came back ready to register.  It's time to get ready for this baby!  (Shocking as that may be to me!!)  So Kevin and I went to Target, signed up to get one of those gun things, and tried to bust a move.  Easier said than done.  So I need some advice from you!!  What are your favorite lists to work from?  What store do you like to start at?  Where should I register?  (I'm thinking Babies R Us, Target, and Amazon)  Kevin loves to have a plan, and I realize I need one!  I've taken care of lots of babies....but never lived with one! :)  Where in the world do you start, and how do you make the best choice on more specific items when a list just gives you generic ideas?  Anyone still with me?  Help!! 

3.  Sweet surrender.  Okay, when you are preparing for your first child, I'm finding that other people's birthing and parenting "war stories" can get me a little crazy if I let them.  (Though at the same time I love reading every single detail of all your birth stories...I'm just so weird right now in real life!! :) Wondering what it will be like for me, getting overwhelmed with the unknown, hearing that "if you think you're getting big/uncomfortable/in pain now, just wait until you're further along!"....it can all get to be a bit much sometimes at this stage of the game.  Of course no one is ill willed, just wanting to share their experience and help me prepare.  I guess I like to live in denial for now. ;)  If you're a bit of a psycho overthinker like me, you have to be very discerning about what to embrace and absorb.  And I'm learning to simply surrender...one day at a time.  I don't know if it's the pregnancy, hormones, or what, but lately I just desire quiet peace.  Especially in my heart.  Like resting in the calm before the storm, and just enjoying that calm.  I want to experience the freedom of trust.  Knowing that this peace and trust is a fruit of the spirit, a result of being connected to the vine, I know now more than ever I need to get connected to Him. 

"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:7

4.  A great idea!  Recently I found an awesome idea in a Family Fun magazine.  I don't know about you, but I just hate to throw away cards that people get me for any occasion.  I'm just too sentimental.  However my husband doesn't like the paper pile up, and doesn't think I can really enjoy them the way I have them stored.  So in this magazine I found something that will change my life - making a book out of the cards!  Seems so simple, but genius!  I have lots of leftover metal rings from teaching, so I am planning on punching 2 or 3 holes in the cards, making a cute cover out of  cardstock and maybe something sturdier, then putting them on a shelf or in a basket to enjoy....when I get all this out of storage of course! This will be wonderful to start out for my little person this summer!

Find this super cute idea and the source for this picture here!

5.  Reading this and loving it - I was recently reading the blog, 1+1+1=1, and found a great resource about biblical parenting called Raising Godly Tomatoes.  What's awesome is you can read the whole thing online.  I know there are a million and one opinions on sleep schedules, godly discipline, etc., but I love what the author of this book has to say so far.  I know that every child is different and what our baby will be like is unpredictable at this point, but I'd like to be somewhat prepared, and I know I have more time now than when I'm sleep deprived!  If you've heard of it I'd love to know what you think.  If not, check it out and let me know! 

That's all for now.  More to come this week like new preggo pics and how imperfect I truly am.  Exciting, right? :)  I know I fit a ridiculous amount of words into these posts - imagine talking to me in real life!!!  Also, if I haven't told you enough, your kind words mean the world to me!  I can't tell you what an encouragement you are - so THANK YOU!!!


Tiffany said...

Love reading your blog, Page! Thanks for sharing that great idea! I always keep cards with messages on them and what a fabulous way to keep them stored and readable!

Don't really know what to tell you about registering except that only 2 of my 3 liked the swing and it was one of our more expensive baby purchases. : ) Oops. You just never know. Also, get a highchair on wheels and you won't regret it! : )

Lori said...

registering is so much fun :)
We did both Target and Babies-r-us, but if I had to do it again, I would have just done BRU. I didn't return much, but I've heard Target's return policy is awful. ?? I didn't have any issues though. Nice the Kevin needs a plan, i knew I liked him! Matt didn't care what I did - and actually felt bad about registering! c-mon!?

You!!! are a natural mommy - and you'll figure it all out and it'll be great.

Cheryl said...

I found you through the Miscellany Monday link up. You have a beautiful blog!
And from what I have read, you have a good head on your shoulders. It sounds like you will be a terrific mom because your ultimate desire is to glorify God. Parenting is hard but it is seriously one of the most grace-drenched experiences of my life.
grace and peace to you through the rest of your pregnancy,

Elizabeth said...

It's funny. We were at church yesterday and saw the most advanced stroller ever and i was amazed by the technology! But now, looking back, I really didn't need many baby gadgets. The thing I LOVED was my Baby Bjorn carrier...used it all the time when she was a baby. The best gifts to me were diapers and wipes. It's crazy how many you go through! I registered for all different sizes of diapers and I got them. I used every single box and it helped so much being on a tight budget! :)

Rachel said...

Well, my advice after having seven babies, is the less is more line. I carry my babes so much after they're born. I would invest in a good carrier -- my fave? The Ergo Baby carrier -- it's worth the dollars.

I have the book. The best piece of advice I gleaned from it is the idea of keeping the child next to you. It's amazing how different their demeanor changes.



cait said...

1. What an amazing time it sounds like you had! Girl time is so precious...especially when it's with those people that have been with you through the ups and downs! So glad you were able to have that time!

2. Oh my...I'm terrified to begin the registry thing. ha! Justin can't wait! I will tell you that we sat down at Barnes and Noble the other day and I looked through the Consumers Reports book on baby items...they only had one copy and it was in the parenting/baby section. I took gobs of notes, ha! There is so much useful info in it..and the pros and cons of certain items gave me a gut feeling on a lot of items. I plan on purchasing the book to help us out...there was just so much info I couldn't take it in in one setting. Just an idea. :) (It gets a specific as nipple types for bottles.) And I guess I'm more like Kevin on this one...I need a plan!! Justin would love to just go on in and start shooting that gun at things! ;)

3. Yes, I am trying to ignore a lot of that "stuff". Rude maybe...but I'm letting it roll right out of my mind. Denial, maybe?! I'm okay with that if so. :)

4. You have just changed my life with this idea as well. Perfect!!

Venessa said...

Yeah for getting ready for baby love! It is an overwhelming process because there is sooo much and sooo many options out there. The best thing that we did was ask others friends who have had babies and used the consumer reports too.

Melanie said...

I definately liked registering at Target the best! Their products were far superior over Walmarts (thats where we also registered at..can we say hassle?) and they have a better selection. I also registered at Sears for a few items. One thing I've heard is a waste is a wipe warmer..so I didnt register for one of those! Just go with the flow and register for everything that looks appealing..you wont be sorry AND you can always add to your registry later on if need be! If your torn between a particular item (like a stroller)..go online and read the reviews..it helps ALOT!

Jade Heiress said...

I did Target and Babies R Us. We did Babies for most of the bigger things stroller, car seat etc...
Target bedding is much nicer now than when my kids were smaller. When we had Aliyah we registered for everything on the "list" we didn't use most of it. Wipes warmer went the way of the trash after a week! Sometimes it's hard to know what you personally will like or need. We ended up getting a lot of stuff afterwards. If you are going to be nursing I would recommend the more expensive electric pump. I got one by Medela pump in style or something with Hudson. I just had a cheaper one with Aliyah the nicer one made all the difference.

Kris said...

Hi, I love your blog(: I wanted to chime in on the where to register for baby...We registered at Target and Babies R US...Leave out the items that are just things you want for the baby and focus on the major Needs you have. You may think having 800 outfits is great but your baby will never wear them all and they grow really fast. If you plan to nurse your baby then make sure you have that on your wish list, for things you will need, seriously you will need things to nurse, like a pillow called My Breast Friend, it was a huge lifesaver it supports you and baby unlike a Boppy Pillow(those are a waste in my opinion)...I would also do your Needs first then tackle just those cute things you see that you would want. I wish you the best this is always a fun part, you get to go see what the stores carry for a baby(: Blessings!!!

Darin said...

You are going to be the best mommy ever! You're a natural...sweet dream Mama! love ya, Mom

Callie Nicole said...

Everybody loves to give you advice and tell you stories when you're pregnant - and since having my baby, I've found myself guilty of doing the same thing to other pregnant ladies! I guess it never bothered me, because I like to hear about everything that can happen, but at the same time I kept in mind that just because something bad happened to someone else, it didn't mean it would happen to ME.

We registered at Target and Babies R US. We were pretty strict and only registered for the stuff we thought we really NEEDED, because we wanted to pay as little out-of-pocket as possible, and it seemed to work, because we got almost everything we needed at our showers! So that was our strategy, anyway. I posted a registry list on my blog at the time, actually. Here, I dug up the link:

Trisha said...

Great blog and great stuff on the other comments. After 3, here's what I have loved...
~cradle swing
~Baby bjorn or
~reclining high chair on wheels (we used it all the time!)
~diapers and wipes (i overstocked on 1 and 2's, so don't open them all at once, they may need exchanged with 3's, which i used forever)
~stroller- I got a single but wondered if I shouldn't have got a sit n stand initially since I knew I wanted more than one. I also love my jogger- the movable front wheel on my double jiggled when I ran (bummer) and the nonmovable wheel on my single pulls to one side (i think the tires aren't inflated the same) - just some thoughts. You will be great!