16 Weeks!?!?

When I see images like this I totally feel like breaking out into worship - isn't God AMAZING?!

My baby is growing up so fast!!!  :)  And I'm so thankful to God for every day He breathes life into him or her.  I am turning a serious energy corner this week - yay!  Let me just be honest with you before we get to the updated baby details.  I have had a hard time finding the motivation to blog for a few reasons.  One, my mind has been OVERWHELMED lately with so much...baby stuff, nauseousness stuff, caring for a pregnant body, work stuff, and most of all, thoughts of God and all that He is teaching me right now.  So I haven't really known where to start.  Secondly, I have had to go through a bit of a struggle of what to share and what not to share on here.  There are times when I think I could write some sort of baby post every day...what body pillow to get, what prenatal snacks and vitamins I like, all my nursery inspirations and project plans...but I am constantly aware of those who are hurting and struggling with pregnancy, loss, or a complete lack of desire to read all things 'baby' on here.  And since I am often a honest-to-the-core kind of gal, it's paralyzed me a bit.


Last night I told Kevin that I know better than that.  God knows my heart and my intentions, and I sincerely do not ever want to bring pain to someone else.  And I certainly don't want to miss honoring this beautiful and amazing blessing growing inside of me.  I think I can especially honor the dreams of others by sincerely celebrating mine, with humble gratitude.  And to pray.  Oh sweet friends how I pray for you...and so many I know personally and read about on here.  Now more than ever. 

I have had to learn over and over again that it is not my goal in life to please others, but to glorify God alone.  It seems as though this situation has tempted me to focus on pleasing others once again.  So I am going to try to start going back to wearing my heart on my sleeve, praying for grace and guidance all the way.  I want this blog to be a reflection of who I am and what God is doing and has done in Kevin and I's lives.

That said, on to the baby's latest!!!

I am 16 weeks - crazy! - but so exciting.  We heard the heartbeat for the 3rd time yesterday, which is always amazing.  Kevin might have used his iphone and spy skills to secretly record it so we could listen over and over. :)  I definitely have a sweet baby bump, and I love rubbing my belly.  (Though my student thinks I've lost my mind.)  I LOVE being pregnant - no sucking in my tummy or worrying about my curves, and the responsibility of being so intentional about caring for my little one.  I truly feel like a mommy.  It is priceless.  We love praying for the baby together, and the other night we sang to him or her.  I already have my bedtime lullaby "playlist"...made of songs my mom used to sing to me, a couple favorite hymns, and songs I used to sing to the sweet little one I babysat/nannied for 8 years, every time I tucked her in.  (Who is turning 10 today - Happy birthday Ingrid!!!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 Weeks!

Size of baby: An avocado (quite amazing considering he/she started as a poppyseed!!!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Before nauseousness and my first doctor's appt. I gained 5 lbs - yikes!  Then with the flu I lost 3.  I've gained one back.  So according to the doctor I've gained 1 lb so far. Which she said is fine because she assures us over and over that the baby is getting just what she/he needs.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet.  I tried on maternity jeans this weekend.  My backside said NO THANK YOU!  I do live in yoga or workout pants which I love.

Gender: We're going to be SURPRISED!

Baby's Name:  We are in serious prayer about this huge responsibility. :)  Shockingly, though I'm incredibly indecisive, I have a great peace about both a boy name and a girl name that we love and have prayed about so far.  We'll see how they hold up!  Of course, this will also not be shared until the baby comes. (We love surprises!)

Movement: Can't wait to feel the first "flutter" - hopefully anytime!

Sleep: I'm not sleeping well this week.  I'm trying to get used to sleeping on my side and it reallys hurts my hips.  (My doctor assured me it's not because they stick out. :)  I'm still working on figuring out the perfect body pillow thing.  I also am starting to get too hungry at night because I don't feel like eating much for dinner.
What I miss: Artificial sweetner.  :)

Cravings: Food is still very literally leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  Nothing sounds good or looks good, and I don't have a crazy appetite.  But I thoroughly enjoyed a house salad at Outback the other day. And I love every and all FRUIT!

Symptoms:  Waning nauseousness - (though I totally lost my cookies after a Qdoba lunch last week!)  I rarely make it through a meal without starting to feel sick by the end. (Unless it's a bowl of cereal!)  Also fatique, growing belly, hormone breakouts, and a very real lack of patience with others...weird but true - this one has totally surprised me but has been very apparent in my first trimester.  Oh, and I'm quite emotional and dramatic.  Pregnancy related...not sure about that! ;)

Best Moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat again!  Singing to the baby, Kevin being so incredibly sweet and complimentary to me, and hearing him talk to my belly...well, actually the baby. :)

I'm looking forward to... eventually having our own permanent place...which we are totally trusting and believing in God's timing for.  We will be so grateful when it is time, and we are enjoying the cozy blessings of our current dwellings. (The log cabin - that is a post in and of itself! :)  I am so excited about creating a sweet nursery.

 Happy Wednesday to you!!


Venessa said...

First of all, so glad that you blogged! I am excited to see this little one grow! But sad that you are keeping ALL the details to yourself! Take care of you sweet friend!

Nicole said...

Page, I am so humbled by your thoughtfulness for others. I can tell that your intentions must be genuine- because you have the sweetest heart. I know that your baby posts will bless those that read them. I am so blessed by your blog already! I pray that the Lord will use your beautiful pregnancy to encourage other, not discourage them. So happy for you, friend!

Rachel and John said...

I love reading all things baby so please blog away!
I had the horrible taste in my mouth too. I was also sucking on a candy because that was the only thing that helped. It will pass, promise!

Melanie said...

So exciting!! Glad that your doing well!

The Raymonds said...

16 weeks!! How exciting!! I am so glad to hear that the nausea is starting to wane a bit- praises for that!
I LOVE how you started this post talking about not wanting to hurt those still waiting on a baby. We went through infertility, and when we finally did get pregnant I was so hesitant to mention anything about it. I feared I would hurt some truly wonderful people. Anytime I would talk to someone I would worry that they were waiting on a baby and my joy would harm them. That was hard to work through! But you are SO right- in our humble joy we can glorify God for this blessing and miracle- and continue to pray over those still waiting. I loved the way you said that!

Lori said...

Congratulations on 16wks!!!! You are so sweet and honest, I love your posts! :) I wish that I didn't love food at this point - but alas, I'm packing on the pounds - and have been in maternity jeans/pants for about 7 wks! (sad, but true!) Lucy loves kissing the baby (my belly) and this is so sweet! I commend you for waiting to find out - you've got patience friend! I'll be shouting out soon what we are having.

Keep posting all your joys of pregnancy - and just be YOU! I love hearing everything!!

Leigh Anne said...

i loved all of this! what fun to be have all of this journey documented :) i think it is so neat yall are waiting to find out the gender -- my parents always did that & i thought it was so neat!

cait said...

Loved everything about this post, Page! I adore how you have been so reflective on your intentions on posting baby updates. You have so much grace and love to share, I'm so happy you have chosen to be yourself and share your pregnancy testimony with others. I pray you continue to feel better and get that energy back, although I know every single negative part of it is such a blessing for what it means to come!

happy weekend sweet friend!