Zumba Joy

We did it.  My new friend Jessi and I took the semi-embarrassing plunge and Zumba-ed!  I knew I was in the right place when the incredibly enthusiastic, mid-40's instructor said this was not the class to take seriously.  It was FUNNY!!  I didn't stop smiling the entire class, and thankfully stood in the back so I didn't have to watch myself in the mirror the whole time.  Instead, I was entertained by the incredibly zealous "regulars" that stood in the front.  Hilarious.  It's such a fun/funny workout that there was a crowd of people outside the room watching and smiling/laughing as well! 

The Latin music was a little crazy, but the song with the African beat was a blast.  I didn't exactly let loose, but I kept thinking about how much fun I could have with that workout at home. And I was definitely sore afterward. I'm still just so fascinated at the mad hip-hop skills that instructor lady had...and how much she was loving observing those skills in the mirror! :)  Right from the beginning it was extremely fast paced, and she didn't exactly bother to walk us throug the steps.  Trial by fire I guess. She did say, however, that Zumba instructors are like ice cream - they all have a different flavor. ;)
So here's my assessment:  Try it!  Throw aside your inhibitions and shake those hips.  (Though notice I did not include a picture of myself doing so!)  Just know that at least half the people in the class feel at least as or more silly than you do.  They're not all gurus in there, trust me. 

I hope I've encouraged you to take the plunge...in the meantime, just to get the feel of it, play Alicia Keys', "Put It In A Love Song," (that was one we heard during class), and replicate any hip-hop moves you've ever witnessed...especially those that involve an extreme movement of your derriere.  If you do go, let me know how it goes for you!!!  (And Rachel from simple.little.joys,  you ARE Zumba!  Enthusiastic and zealous to the core.  I would LOVE to read about your adventures in Zumba land!)

Grandma, just so you know what I'm talking about, this video is for you!


cait said...

so fun!! Looks like an awesome workout!

Rachel said...

Ahhh hahaha sweet Page! Loved the shout out on here. Made my day :) Now I'm just gonna HAVE to try Zumba. And you'll be the first person I tell of my adventures :) You are tooooo sweet! Hope your Monday was fabulous!