What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been quite awhile since I linked up with WILW, so today's the day!

1.  Today I'm loving the two boxers who live with the family we are staying with.  They are such sweet dogs - and Chai gets along with them quite well.  They lay right on top of you if you're on the couch.  I think they might be the sweetest "big dogs" I've ever been around.

2.  I'm loving that tonight I'm going to Zumba!  Trust me, stories to come.  I just hope I can make it through without laughing my head off.  I am quite certain latin dancing is not one of my "natural" gifts. 

3.  I always love The Pleated Poppy.  I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned my affection for this darling blog and her shop, but I frequent it quite often.  I have never actually purchased anything from her, but one day I have hopes to see the most adorable thing, perfect for me...and convince my husband of its perfection. Ha ha.  I especially love her bloom bags, covered notebooks, petal drop necklaces, and petal pushers.  Oh, and the posies are super cute, as well as the tiny pouches!  Who am I kidding, I just love her stuff.  Such fun and beautiful talent.

4.  I'm also loving SNOW DAYS.  Considering I've had about 4 of them in the last week, they're working for me.  Who wants to get out in this cold frigidness anyway?!  I joke with the people we're staying with that they must think I'm some kind of loaf, (whatever that is!), because of how many days off I've had since we moved in with them!  Which begs the question, why not more blog posts???  Well friends, I have no good answer...just trying to get my rhythm and some creativity back! Step one is being willing to do so many posts without pictures!!

5.  Harriet Tubman.  Seriously.  I am reading "Freedom Train" to my little guy at school, and I'm just captivated by her story.  It's been a long time since I have read the book, but it is just amazing what she did to help so many out of slavery.  Such an amazing woman.  There's a place called the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, a museum in Cincinnati that does an absolutely beautiful job of portraying life-like scenes of those years that led the journey to ending slavery.  Definitely a must for anyone who has kiddos that live close!

6.  My dear sweet husband Kevin.  He is simply fabulous.  I am so thankful for the ways he is so bold and 'out loud' with his love for me.  In my wildest dreams I don't think I ever fathomed being loved like this on earth.  We laugh often about how crazy we can make each other one minute, and how madly in love we can be the next.  He put a TON  of effort creating the most awesome birthday present for me!!  He put together a beautiful scrapbook with letters and pictures from so many of the people who have journeyed through this life with me and loved me along the way.  (I still owe a big THANK YOU to any and all who contributed who also read this blog!!!)  I am humbled by my husband.  He is working so hard lately, as he over sees many areas of ministry, and my prayer is that God breathes peace into his soul, gives him the strength to endure, and brings great fruit from his labor.

7.  I am most of all loving God - and all that He is teaching me.  So much on my heart that I need to share.  I've had some tearful moments in my car lately, listening to songs and being just so aware and in awe of how finite we are and how majestic and all-powerful he is.  He is the author of every one of our days, the giver of every one of our breaths, and the only reason for every beat of our hearts.  I am overwhelmed by his goodness and so thankful for his mercy.  It is such an honor that he desires us to seek him with all of our hearts, and allows us to find him when we do.

That's what I'm loving on this snowy Wednesday...how about you??


Rachel said...

Oh goodness--Zumba! Please let me know how that goes...I'm DYING to do it, but I am just a tiny bit chicken! You can test it out for me :) LOVE seeing you post regularly...it makes my heart happy to see your name pop up in Google Reader :)

cait said...

What a sweet gift your hubby put together! Such a creative idea! Enjoy those wonderful snow days! Precious gifts of time!

Holly said...

I dont dare go near zumba. I would be the biggest disruption.. I cant take that stuff seriously at all! Cant wait to hear how it went!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful, thank you for those very kind words and the much needed prayer. You're easy to love!
God has been so good to us, to Him be all the credit. Psalm 115:1