Water Aerobics and What I've Been Up To

(No, this is not an actual picture from tonight, but I sure thought it was cute! )

So tonight I participated in "deep water aqua fitness" for the first time at the Y.  Yes, this is what you do when you enter your "30's."  It was seriously so much fun, though I'm sure I brought the average age down a bit.  I have never worked out at the Y, but Kevin and I are staying with some gracious friends for awhile, so I went as a guest tonight.  At first I thought I was going to drown, (ha!), then realized I needed a different floaty thing around my waist.  The instructor cracked me up and worked us hard at the same time.  So if you get a chance to check out a water aerobics class anytime soon, I suggest you try it!  (Next I will finally be checking out Zumba!) :)

As for why we are staying with friends right now...that is what I've been up to - MOVING AGAIN!!  I say that with as much positive enthusiasm as I can muster up, as moving even a large portion of your stuff over and over is just exhausting.  (And wondering what the purpose is of even having 'stuff').We were staying in a (beautiful) house while the owners were trying to sell it...and it sold.  Prayers were definitely answered for them, and we are certainly happy about that.  Yet it meant just a short 6 weeks after asking gracious friends to help us move on the weekend, we had to round up more willing souls who love us enough to do it again.  While the experience has been a weary-inducing one, we know we are on an adventure of faith towards God's provision.  We actually have a place we will be moving into in the near future, (hopefully!), it's just not available yet, so we pray and wait.  We know God's timing will be perfect in this.  It is awesome that we had such a fun place to stay over Christmas, and we enjoyed it to the fullest!

In the meantime, an awesome couple who went to Israel with us last June offered their comfy finished basement to be our place of dwelling for awhile.  One obvious bonus - they have the internet!  I can blog!  I've hated not being an active part of the fun and fabulous blog world.  Kevin and I know we are making young-in-our-marriage memories, and hopefully by the time it's a bit warmer we will have a semi-permanent dwelling -(and a lot less junk!!) 

I have so much to catch up on already in this new year - our Christmas celebration with my family, the surprise birthday Kevin worked up for me while we were at my parents' over New Year's, some other birthday fun activities, and what God is doing in my heart and mind right now.  There's much in store so stay tuned...I've also been working on quite the delicious guacamole recipe - coming soon!!!

Love to all you who have stuck with me and will rejoin the Crazy Joy journey!


Rachel said...

Missed you! SO glad you're back. Can't wait to hear all of your recaps and new news! Looking forward to your future posts :)

Leigh Anne said...

wow, yall have been busy!! glad you are back--cant wait to read about all yall been up to!

cait said...

I'm always excited to read your updates! :D I love the water and have always wanted to try water aerobics. How fun that you are able to go to the Y as a guest right now AND have the internet! :) A nice swim would do my "winter blahs" self some good! Hope to see you soon friend!

Venessa said...

I am so happy that you are back! Missed you tons! PS...Zumba is one of my favorites and I really can not dance!

Carmel said...

just wanted to say hi sweet girl!!!

Lauren said...

I can't wait for you to try Zumba! I think you're going to love it!!