Miscellany Monday - ONE MONTH TO 30!!!

Happy Monday fantastic friends! And a happy welcome to the new followers who graciously have joined Crazy Joy lately.  Can I just say how much I am loving browsing through all your Christmas posts?!  In the few moments I had last night after a loooong (and I don't mean extra days!) weekend, I so enjoyed the Christmas cheer out in blog world.  Hopefully by next week I can participate a little bit more.  First, here's my miscellany...

1.  One month from today I will be 30!!!  Isn't that crazy????  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I think pretty good.  Kind of feels like a mile marker in life that I've worked towards.  A sort of 'see ya later' to my youthful ways that hopefully have led to more wisdom.  I've been talking about it for so long as well as considering myself as "almost 30" for quite awhile, so the transition should be easier.  (Although I do hear you wake up that day with more wrinkles, so that should be interesting. :) 

It's been quite an amazing year of saying goodbye to my 20's, that is for sure.  It exhausts and fascinates me just to think of all the different emotions and experiences in my life over the last 10 years.  Some extremely difficult times, some unbelieveably joyful times, and all the times in between.  The theme for sure:  GOD IS FAITHFUL!  I am most thankful for how he has pursued me, and how my relationship with him has grown during this journey.  Besides, how gracious is he to give me the days of life that he has, and the amazing family and friends to share it with.  Ridiculously blessed.  And who knows what new adventures the future holds?!  My birthday will also mark the one year birthday of this blog!  Lots of celebrating ahead!

2.  Craft show success. The craft show this weekend was awesome.  So much fun.  A friend/mentor of mine generously secured the booth for me, and I had the fun of selling my fabric flower headbands!  It snowed much of the night before the event, so the roads were awful, making it a beautiful and perfect Saturday to stay tucked away at home.  That said, the crowd that came to the show was somewhat bleak, but pretty steady.  It was so much fun to see people enjoy and get excited about them.  Kevin was critical in pulling this off...seriously, he's a total Rock Star of a husband, helping me get a vision for the booth, shopping for supplies, creating business cards, AND setting it up for me.  Love him!!!

3.  A new shop coming soon!  All this brings me to my next point....I'm opening an online shop!!  I know I should dedicate a whole post to this, and have a fantastically designed logo to present, but I don't know how to do that yet! (Advice???) My gracious and awesome husband created a big cartel shop for me, and as soon as I upload photos of the headbands I currently have, it will be open for business!  At that time I'll also share the name of it...which is my favorite part!!!

4.  Awesome friends and moving.  All this excitement sounds fun, of course, but I am EXHAUSTED.  I can't even calculate the hours I spent cutting and creating those flower headbands last week.  Very little sleep involved.  On top of that of course, was the joy of packing and moving.  Yikes.  Yesterday a few AMAZING friends helped us spend the afternoon moving in the freezing cold.  As you might know, helping friends move is always an incredible sacrifice of time and energy.  We are beyond thankful.  And although we are tired out of our minds, we are so grateful for what God is doing, how he's providing, and how we are transitioning into the next chapter of our lives.  Almost a month into the 3rd year of marriage, I am loving my husband and this season of life more than ever.

5.  Another big week.  This week is crammed full with a bible study Christmas party tonight, a Christmas Joy event at church tomorrow, a staff Christmas party at church on Thursday, a Marriage event at church on Friday, AND cleaning our old apartment thoroughly while finishing the last bits of moving.  Whew.  Sounds like I need to be sleeping at church with all the excitement going on!  Oh, and of course I'm teaching as usual.  I know it will be a week filled with blessings, Christmas fun, and memories made.  So for a 3rd week in a row, the blog might be a little quiet.  I am hoping to squeeze a couple quick posts in.  If not, I look forward to next week!  Free time returns!!! :)  I'll cheerfully be joining you in celebrating the spirit of Christmas!

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Tiffany said...

How exciting, Page! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see your shop and hear the name! Your headbands are so crazy cute! And 30 is such a great age to be, you will love it! Wish I was still 30! : )

Venessa said...

I cant wait to hear more about your shop! And thanks for the sweet comment last week..love your encouraging words! You are the best.