Ahhh....Internet Access and a New Blog Post!

Happy last few days of 2010 to you!!!  Crazy!

I just sat down with my caramel machiatto at Starbucks, and my heart skipped a beat as I opened my laptop...internet access!  It's been far too long for a happy blogger like me!  I've also been quite sick with a bad cold the last few days, so this is my first adventure back out into life since Christmas.  Which, by the way, I hope was a very merry one for all of you!!
Though I seriously don't mind being cozy and resting at home, it's great to be out and about, after the Christmas chaos and before the exciting new year.  Of course, however, I don't have my camera cord, so I won't be downloading the pictures I planned for this post.  Next time hopefully!

Christmas break has been quite enjoyable, I have to say. I love having extended time off for some guilt-free relaxation. Here is my randomness…the best way to jump back in –

1. Last week I spent a few days helping my young friend Ellie make a couple super cute pillowcase dresses for her neighbors. We made them without actual pillowcases, and it was my first time making any sort of clothing. We had such a fun time figuring it out, and I look forward to trying out one with an actual pillowcase soon! We basically used this youtube video to walk us through it.

2. My parents and older brother came to stay with us on Christmas Eve, since we were here for the very first service at the multi-site campus my husband has been working so hard to help launch for over a year. It was a prayer and dedication service, and it was really cool to see take place. Launching a multi-site of a church is pretty much like planting a church, which equals A LOT of work. God alone is sustaining the staff, and they are trusting in his timing and provision. I am so proud of Kevin! His role covers discipleship, small groups, new members, men’s and women’s ministry, and I’m sure more that I’m forgetting. He is an awesome pastor!
I’m thankful my family could come celebrate with us, and be here for Christmas morning! A very different but sweet new memory. This was the first time in over 30 years that my mom hasn't been home on Christmas day.  I think it was my first time as well.  Thanks for being adventuresome mom!  We played games, I made our family’s favorite Taco Salad on Christmas Eve, and we enjoyed brunch on Christmas morning. We are heading to my parent’s house in Indiana this week to have our actual family Christmas which will include my younger brother, his wife, and two kids. Let the festivities continue!

3. We celebrated Christmas afternoon and evening with Kevin’s family, which was really fun as well. The meal was delicious and the kids were adorable as usual. We also had quite an entertaining time of playing Catch Phrase. Love that game! This is a picture of the canvas I made for Jallen and Jaxon, my two nephews on Kevin’s side, and some other pics from that day, (courtesy of my bro-in-law from posting them on facebook!) :)

(Lovin' on sweet Jaxon - he's so cuddly with me and I love it!)

(Reading the Christmas Story book)

(Sweet Braelyn patiently waiting to open gifts)

(Kevin playing with...Jallen's toys!)

(Kevin playing with Jax)
4. The bummer side of all this – I have been battling a nasty cold since early Friday morning. Ugh. I have to say I spent several Christmases being sick in some way as a child and even as a college student. Weird, one-time-of-year thing. So the last few days have been spent resting, drinking tons of fluids, eating oranges and broccoli, reading, and hanging with my Gilmore Girls.

5. I know I am failing as an entrepreneur with this headband shop. Though I've sold about 50!  And it's all for a great cause... I so want to tell you about it.  I realize I’m being stifled by my lack of camera skills and web design. Oh, and at home internet access. :) Hopefully that will be returning in about 2 ½ weeks!

6. Speaking of weeks, I only have less than 1 week left in my 20’s!!! Wow. It is really happening. But I’ve been sharing that with you all for almost a year, so I think I’ve almost adjusted. I think I’m actually excited about moving on to what I’m hoping to be some wonderful and wiser years!

I think that’s all for now! I am looking forward to heading home this week for a few days! Our trip will include a joyful stop at my grandma’s, and an annual new year’s party with some of our family’s closest and long time friends. Then on Sunday we’ll have our first church services at the new campus!

Many times in the past couple weeks I have thought and prayed for those I know who are having a tough time during this season. It is a reminder that this world is not our home and a prayer for the hope that comes when we trust in our heavenly Father. Whether experiencing loss or loneliness, God is the only one who knows the whole story, and the only one who can truly comfort. I am so grateful that he does.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Romans 15:13


Nicole said...

I love this post! That canvas you made is BEAUTIFUL!

Kevin said...

Great to see you writing again honey. I forgot how much I enjoy reading your posts. And thanks for the words of encouragement - that you're proud of me.

I love you beautiful!


cait said...

I was excited to see a new post from you and hear all about your Christmas! Love that canvas for your nephews...just awesome!

Glad you're feeling better!

Welcome! said...

I love your canvas! I have bought blank ones to paint verses for my boys but would love to do it digitally like you did...maybe you could blog how to due this :-) Thanks! Trisha Oswlt

Leigh Anne said...

love the update! and that canvas is so cute! looks like yall had a wonderful christmas :)