Miscellany Monday

My brain feels a little all over the place, just what Miscellany Monday calls for!

1.  Yay November.  I am thankful October is over.   Don't shoot me, but I'm not a huge Halloween fan.  Not sure why, just not my favorite.  I do, however love all other things 'Fall,' including Thanksgiving!!  Even better, in about two weeks, Kevin and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary!  The second year was definitely stronger than the first, and I have great hopes and dreams for the 3rd.  I love feeling like we are catching our rhythm and delighting in this gift God has given us.  He is an amazing man, making me one blessed wife!

2.  Speaking of Kevin, he is seriously rocking out that Whole Nine eating concept I told you about a couple weeks ago.  Talk about cold turkey.  He went from chocolate donut, cheeseburger, pizza lover to super health guy over night.  He's followed the 30 day 'cleanse' program to a 'T', has been cooking up a storm, hasn't slipped once, AND he's lost 10 pounds - crazy!!  I love how he is leading our family in the way of wanting to glorify God with his body and be as healthy as possible during the years we have on this earth.  I have been so inspired that I just might have started following in his footsteps yesterday!?  I actually just made this sweet potato snack this afternoon - yum!! (Who knew coconut oil was healthy??)

3. I had the joy of spending a day with my friend Traci and her 5 kids last week! A workout for sure, but always so much fun to sing to them, read them stories, laugh at their crazy antics, and hold precious little baby girl Scarlet!! Love her!!!

(Traci is showing off her headband...an original by me! :) )

4.  Other beautiful babies that have come into this world lately are Meredith Kate, the second daughter of my friend Francie, and Kinley Marie, the second daughter of my friend Stacy!  I love both these lovely ladies, who were both beautiful bridesmaids in my wedding, (each pregnant with thier first babies at the time!), and who I shared several sweet years of friendship, life, and bible study with in Cincinnati several years ago.  They now live minutes from each other, and amaze me with their timing of these new babies - less than two weeks apart!  I can't wait to meet those sweet little girls!  (You can pretty much count on the fact that I'm planning to sew something for them!)  Congratulations my dear friends!!
(March 2007)

5.  Sewing is expensive...or is it??  Help!  I find myself breaking into a cold sweat each time I enter JoAnn Fabrics or another fabulous fabric store lately, gathering supplies for these projects I long to try.  So I definitely need some help and advice from you experience crafters out there - is it best to buy online?  Do you depend heavily on coupons and sales?  I need some serious guidance at the beginning of this new venture!

6.  A great message.  I had the joy this past weekend of visiting the church in Cincinnati I used to attend.  A phenomenal message for sure.  He is not your typical preacher, (a.k.a. - not for everyone), but I experienced Jesus in a special way during my years of worshipping there for most of my 20's.  Definitely worth your time to listen to, ending with some seriously convicting words spoken from a pastor in South Africa: "Die Empty."  (Seriously check out the last 4 minutes!)  The second video is one they showed during the service about the partnership they have with this pastor's church in South Africa.  I love what God is doing there!!

Praying this is a wonderful week for all of you!
(And with a surprise day off for me tomorrow, things are looking pretty good!)

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Suze said...

Cute pictures girl! you and hubs look great! I just love the pictures of the babies! sooo precious!

Hope your having a good day! :)

Heidi said...

I'm a coupon/sale girl at the fabric stores. I've actually never bought online... I think mainly because I really like to see and touch what I'm buying. JoAnn/Hancock usually have a 40% sale every month or so. I've also been successful buying material at yard sales (mostly 2 yards or less.) that I love but I'm not quite sure what to do with (it always works itself into some project!)

My roommate in NYC made clothing (which can be expensive). She grew to love the fabric at Ikea.

Good luck as you start - it's so much fun!

cait said...

So fun to catch up on your life! :) Love that pic of you and your hubby! So glad things are going so well...miss you, friend! I'm thinking in the cold months ahead we should try to plan a time to get together and be crafty. :) My sewing machine has still not broken out since last year...yikes!

Leigh Anne said...

what a great picture of yall!! how exciting to have year 3 coming up!