A Powerful Parable

 Francis ChanTalk about a man God is using and moving through to change the world.  This guy has definitely been a defining part of Kevin and I's mission for our lives.  Two crazy good books he's written are Crazy Love and Forgotten God.  And he's done it again...with children's books!  We recently watched a clip of "The Parable of the Big Red Tractor," a convicting perspective on the church.  I was pleasantly surprised this weekend to see it is in book form along with another story he's written called "The Awful Adventures of Halfway Herbert."  The second one is all about doing things wholeheartedly.  I love books for little ones that teach about life and godly character!  And I love what God is doing through Francis Chan's example of absolute surrender.

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Venessa said...

I need to read Forgotten God...only after I read Radical, which BTW is AMAZING!!! My mind is still spinning in so many awesome ways! Hope you are having a great day!