My Turn at 'Tag'

A couple sweet gals from some fun blogs "tagged" me yesterday to answer a few questions of their choice.  I am certainly game for playing along and letting you in on a little more of my heart!  Thanks Megan from A Day in the Life and Leigh Anne from The Newlywed Swarbricks for thinking of me!  At the end of my post I created 8 of my own questions and tagged 8 of my lovely blogger friends to answer them.
First, my answers for Megan's questions:

1- If you could go anywhere in the world, and money wasn't an issue, where would you go?

For me right now, that answer is definitely Hawaii.  In an ideal, budget free world, I would love to enjoy a tropical vacation with my husband before we have kids.  Though when we were in Israel this past summer, I had a hard time imagining myself anywhere else if we were ever blessed enough to travel like that again.

2- What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My love for children.  I genuinely delight in them.  My husband also says I have a cute nose.

3- What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
Sleep in, meet for coffee with friends, walk my dog, read/write blogs, read books at Barnes and Noble, worship and rest.  I also greatly enjoy date nights with my hubby and trips to see my Grandma near Indy or my friends in Cincinnati.

4- Who is your celebrity crush?
I can seriously say I've never been a girl who has ever really gotten into autographs or posters of movie stars.  The only thing that pops in my head right now is the time I watched a great movie called, "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken" - the horse guy who loved the girl who went blind was so sweet, and wore a black shirt in one of the scenes.  I thought it was the best look.  Now of course, my hot husband puts him to shame...and will gladly be my 'man in black.' :)

5- Were you involved in any activities during your high school career? What?
Yes - I was a cheerleader and played tennis as a Freshman and Sophomore, then ran cross-country and track as a Junior and Senior.  I would have played volleyball, but refused to wear those hideous briefs.  Trust me, my thighs thank me.

6- What is the thing you miss most about college?
Instantaneous girl time and friends in such close vicinity.  Though I do not miss that tiny dorm room, the whole community aspect of that time of life is such a unique experience.  I definitely didn't enjoy it enough.

7- Where do you see yourself in five years?
Wow.  First and foremost, being more in love with my husband than ever, boldly following Jesus and serving in whatever ministry he has called us to.  My dreams also include being a mommy to many, an advocate for orphans, and an active encourager and mentor to young women.

8- What are your favorite kid names?
Unfortunately my husband has banned me from sharing these.  (Though I pretty much agree with his reasoning.)  We'll probably be the couple who keeps it all under wraps until the precious little one arrives.  Instead, I'll tell you the names of my favorite dolls as a little girl: Joy Lynn, Eric, and Pepper.  Though I am loving how people are naming their little boys Liam and little girls Ella.  So cute.

Now for my questions from Leigh Anne:

1. What is your most favorite thing about fall?
The color of the leaves and the feeling of the air.  Many days during this season just take my breath away and feel good to my spirit.  I want to photograph everything and be outside a lot.

2. How would you spend your perfect Saturday?
Sleep in until I wake up, find a latte waiting for me with a note from my sweet, productive-on-Saturdays husband, (OR meet a friend for coffee), do my bible study/have my quiet time by an open window, visit a Farmer's Market, get a pedicure and massage, sit outside with my dog Chai reading books and blogs, then go on a date with Kevin or stay in with him and watch a movie.

3. What is something you've learned recently?
How much I struggle with vulnerability.  I try incredibly hard to be tough.  Yet I am thankful this area is being refined in me through my marriage.  "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas is a powerful book about how marriage is intended to make us holy not happy.  I agreed with his insight in this book before I was married...but the experience of it is a totally different reality.  Trust me, Kevin and our relationship fills my heart with joy.  But a truly intimate, intentional marriage takes some serious hard work.  And just being married extracts the deepest parts of you that God wants to work on.
4. Do you like the seasonal drinks at Starbucks or stick to your year-round favorite?
I usually try the latest seasonal fad due to the excitement around me, then realize I'm better off sticking with my favorite - sugar-free caramel machiatto with soy.  YUM.

5. What is your favorite meal to make?
Baked chicken, (olive oil, salt, pepper, McCormick's chicken seasoning - 400 degrees for 25-30 min.), roasted asparagus, and baked sweet potatoes with a loaf of crusty bread and olive oil butter.

6. How do you spend your evenings?
Bible Study or small group on Mondays and Wed; other nights - blogging, walking Chai, making dinner, reading, hanging out with Kevin, lesson planning, an event at church...would like to be able to add working out and cleaning!!! :)

7. Are you passionate about anything? Why?
Definitely!!  First would be to be used by God to the utmost capacity possible.  I sincerely desire to live a life fully surrendered.  Secondly, my heart longs to be a godly wife and mom, and be an encouragement to women.  I have learned a lot from the struggles I've faced already in my 29 yrs, and I have always been passionate about sharing what God is teaching me.  In my lifetime I want to help other women discover and celebrate their value and worth.

8. If you were given $20 to spend on anything, what would you spend it on?
Craft materials, a journal, someone's fund to help them adopt a baby, dinner with Kevin at Mitchell's Fish Market or Outback (Okay, obviously I need more than $20!!)

So there are my answers!  Whew.  That took a lot of thinking.  Here are the 8 lovely followers of mine that I'm tagging and my 8 questions:

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Megan said...

I love "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken." I cried everytime I watched it but it was great movie!

Jess said...

Oh!! Wild hearts can't be broken was my fav movie growing up! Love, love, love!

Leigh Anne said...

loved all of your answers, thanks for sharing! i think we would have the same saturday, especially with the pedicure & manicure! happy weekend :)