A Little More Q & A

My lovely blogger-friend Venessa also tagged me, so here are my answers to her fun questions:

1.What is the one thing that you can not live without?

Jesus is not really a thing, neither are my husband, family, or dog....so I would say my Bible, music, and my toothbrush.  (That's 3 - I'm a rebel.)

2.What is your favorite childhood story?

I love hearing about the time when I was 2, my brother was 4, and my mom couldn't find me.  Darin was dragging around a suitcase and finally my mom got around to asking him what was in it...and it was me!!  At least I was a flexible, happy child! :)

3.What advice would you give to others that you live by?

Forgive quickly, give generously, celebrate others' differences, always tell the truth, find your value in God alone, put people before dishes

4.What is your favorite Christmas song/carol?

I love "What Child Is This?"  ....because it's one I so enjoy playing on the piano.  O Holy Night is a powerful one too.  Oooh, I also love LOVE Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven."  I listen to that over and over.

5.What traditions do you want to pass on to your child(ren)?

Pray together, serve together, bake and sing a lot, read stories, write cards, adopt families at holidays, and go on yearly family vacations and regular mission trips.  Also pajamas as the Christmas Eve gift, and a meaningful ornament to represent each year.

6.Cat or dog lover?

Of course my adorable dog, Chai!!!  I'm not a kitty litter kind of girl.

7.What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

Get a pedicure or massage (very rare due to that crazy budget!), spend time with my hubby while he's rubbing my feet, or blog

8.What goal would you like to accomplish that you have yet to do?
I would really like to be a good mom.  I've also always wanted to run a marathon or at least a mini-marathon
Thanks Venessa! :)


Venessa said...

You are too sweet to answer these questions after being tagged already...twice! Number 2 is super cute! We also like doing Christmas Pj's and ornaments every year! It is fun! Thanks for playing Page!!

Laura @ Just For Love said...

Hi Page!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your sweet comment made my day. You seem like such a LOVELY person. Love your blog (especially your little about me section)! Have a wonderful Sunday, friend : ).
Lots of love,