Giveaway Winner!!! (and a new favorite)

First of all, I am SO sorry I have been MIA when the giveaway winner was supposed to be announced Wednesday!!  So today's the day.  Randall, my student, enjoyed being my "random selector"....

And the winner is Suze!!!  Congratulations!  Thank you all so much for your encouragement and for playing along...it really was difficult for me to just have one winner.  I would love for you all to read the book...it seriously is a life changer!!

On another note, last week I read about Seeds Family Worship, a company who has put over 60 verses from the bible into song form.  I am loving it!  This week Randall and I have been starting off each day after our bible time by listening to a few of them.  He really enjoys it.  What a wonderfully creative job they have done putting verses to music, and they really are easy to remember.  I'm excited to have this resource some day to help my children memorize scripture, and Kevin and I are excited to use them for us as well!

Here's my favorite so far:

Happy Friday!


Suze said...

Page, my email is aunt.fly@gmail.com can you email me because i cant find your email on here anywhere if at all possible?? I'm so excited i won though , i like never win anything in drawings/giveaways so im pumped about the book. thanks for having this giveaway!! :)

Tiffany said...

Hey, Page. Thanks for sharing that song and the resource. Sounds awesome!