To Live is to Give

This past Sunday we went up to my brother Darin's church to hear him preach.  He is by far my favorite preacher to listen to, (obviously I'm partial!), and I respect him more than words can say.  Every time I talk to him or am with him I feel honored and privileged to experience the depth of his wisdom and heart.  He has taught me so much, and does an amazing job of leading and loving on the people God has placed in his life and ministry.  I still treasure the awesome conversations we used to have late into the night for the 5 years that Chai and I lived with him before I was married.
While I was going to post the video of the sermon we heard on Sunday, it is not yet online, although the audio version can be found here, entitled "Saul/Jealousy" as part of a series they are doing called "Frayed."  It was an awesome lesson on jealousy in our own lives and how our actions and posture towards Jesus has been affected by its influence and poison.
Fortunately for me, (and now you!), I did finally watch a past sermon he preached called, "Show Me My Life's End," as part of a series called, "Dangerous Prayers, "  in which he talks about what it means to truly live.  Wow.  What a ridiculously powerful message loaded with truth that brought me to tears.  What's awesome too is that I know the speaker of the message...and he practices what he preaches.  One of my favorite quotes from it was this: 
"God's glory is on display when we are gracious beyond words and generous beyond measure."
I am posting the video of this message, and I pray you'll watch it to be encouraged and challenged as well.  I am so thankful to get to know and love Darin and call him my brother; I'm even more grateful that he has surrendered his life in such a way that God has chosen to powerfully speak through him.  You have a gift my brother.  And God has definitely used it to influence your sister's heart.

(Seriously listen to this.  It's really good.)
July 11 2010 from First Church of Christ on Vimeo.


Holly said...

Love this!! I went back and read your birthday post to him and it was the sweetest thing ever! My dad preaches, and it is my favorite thing to do. Listen to him teach me about Jesus! How lucky we are to have men in our life like that!

p.s Like the new blog design:)

Page said...

Thanks Holly ! That's awesome about your dad. I agree - it is so special to listen to someone you love and respect so much teach about Jesus!

Darin said...

wow, who needs friends when you have an amazing sister like this! Thank you for your kind words - I am truly humbled by your graceful love and encouragement. You are a blessing to me and endless others. Love ya sis!