My brother's church put together a montage video of scenes from 9/11 using Kendall Payne's song, "Never Leave" as the backdrop, and played it on the Sunday after September 11, 2001.  It was a powerful message in the midst of the heartbreak of that week, and it still remains powerful today.  That Tuesday morning I remember sitting in a class called, "History of Christianity" as a Junior in college at Cincinnati Christian University.  We were on a break in the main hall, and every student was crowded around the news coverage on every television.  Before attending the most sobering chapel service I've ever experienced, I headed straight for the nearest phone to try to reach my mom, who was supposed to be traveling to and from Seattle.  It was an incredibly frightening few moments, not knowing if she was okay.  She was safe, but I will never forget the painful moments and heartache this country went through following that day.  I do pray that many hearts turned to Christ then, and that his redeeming love and unwavering faithfulness continue to pursue many people in the midst of sorrow and suffering today.

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How perfect and beautiful!