Miscellany Monday (Hello Fall!)

Happy Monday to you.  Is it just me, or does it feel like a little "crisp" Fall finally arrived this weekend?!  It was beautiful here!  Now I'm just hoping that it hasn't been too hot in recent days for the leaves to change soon!

 Here's to another edition of Miscellany Monday and Meet Me Monday!
1.  It was quite a fun and eventful weekend around here!  For starters, Kevin and I stayed home Friday night, enjoying a movie, and being quite crafty.  (Well, I did that last part!)  I'll give you a glimpse of my latest creations tomorrow!  I also enjoyed a Saturday morning breakfast with friends that I haven't spent time with in forever.  We had so much fun chatting, laughing and meeting our friend Erin's new baby, Lily!  So sweet!  Erin is so funny, and refreshingly honest about the abrasive yet beautiful reality of having your first little one!  Of course I again forgot to take photos, to prove once and for all that I really do have real-life friends. :)  (More to come later about other fun events of our weekend!)

2.  Speaking of breakfast,  I have eaten at First Watch in Cincinnati with different friends two weekends in a row.  I LOVE that place!!  I certainly miss being in the same city as one.  (Or 3!)  I ordered the same thing both times: the Chickichanga with egg whites...YUM!!  Places that specialize in breakfast are the best.  Here in Louisville, the best is "Wild Eggs," and on our honeymoon - due to the record low temps - we enjoyed "Another Broken Egg" multiple times!!

3.  I broke a major rule in my book this weekend:  DO NOT GO TO THE MALL ON SATURDAY.  I know better.  I worked in retail for two and a half years and know exactly what happens on Saturdays - mayhem!  Also, I'm not a good shopper...fashion and I are not close friends.  For a girl who had curves even when they weren't in style, I've always struggled a bit in this area.  I always tell people I don't have outfits...I just wear clothes.   And it doesn't help that I hate to spend money, though I have some pretty amazing bargain shopper friends!  That said, the mall makes me feel quite under dressed, while completely overwhelmed.  Way too many decisions.  Nonetheless, I found myself there on Saturday, and a DJ was set up as part of one of the center "booths"!  Craziness.  I was exhausted...yet successful.  I bought a belt and jewelry (a great find at Claire's!!) for a Western themed party we went to Saturday night.  Turned out to be very worth it.  Perhaps I should look into buying a book I saw in Barnes and Noble several years ago called, The Lucky Shopping Manual.  That might just be life changing for a girl like me!

4.  To reward myself for persevering through my exhausting and dehydrating shopping experience, I enjoyed a strawberry smoothie, or " world famous shake," from Yagoot...which was amazing!!!  I love that place.  I chose to mix in blueberries, strawberries, and mangoes.  Their frozen yogurt is creamy and a bit tart, as well as low fat, and everything is so fresh.  I loved it.

5.  I have a nephew who should be making his debut into the world any time!!  He was due on Friday, yet is taking it quite easy in his mommy's belly.  We just keep waiting on that phone call!  I did make a purchase for him this weekend, as a welcome gift for whenever he does choose to arrive.  I picked up the Golden Book, "The Happy Man and his Dump Truck," which I'm pretty sure was hands-down my mom's favorite book to read to us and with us when we were growing up.  It's such a sweet story, and I hope new baby Trace Allen loves it one of these days!

6.  While I was visiting another friend this weekend, her almost 3 yr. old daughter received the coolest little book in the mail.  It was "National Geographic for Little Kids."  It's a cute little type of booklet that includes different letters of the alphabet each month, which coincide with different animals.  My friend Lori's super cute daughter Lucy loved it.  You can subscribe to 6 issues for $15, which I thought would be a sweet gift for a little one!  Besides, who doesn't like getting something in the mail!?  The National Geographic 'Little Kid' home page  itself is a great site for children ages 3-6!

7.  For accountability sake, let me just say that Kevin and I have set a goal to work out 3 times this week.  I'll let you know how that goes...

Thanks for visiting, and happy Monday!

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Heidi said...

I read about this today and thought you might be interesting for your homeschooling.


It's done by Sonlight...

Page said...

Hey Heidi!! Thanks - I actually just signed up for it last week - it looks awesome! I appreciate you thinking of me! :)

emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

I have EXACTLY the same experience at the mall! I sometimes wonder why I even do that to myself! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by Sew Super Sweet! I appreciate the visit and the follow!