Family Fun - Part 1

I am so thankful for the long Labor Day weekend!  What fun to be able to spend an extended amount of time with family.  On Friday after school, I drove up to spend a couple days with my Grandma and her husband, Don.  We ate at a delicious country restaurant called "Aunt Judy's" on Friday night.  I had the 'blue plate special,' which was fried fish, and it was so good!  It is quite fitting for me to travel to my home state of Indiana and enjoy a great "home cooked" meal!  My grandma and I stayed up late talking about life, her history, and my long line of ancestors.  She has such a fascinating story, including the imprint on her life made by a woman named Kari Hoover, who introduced my grandma to God, and loved her when she needed it most.  It just reiterated my fascination with how God works and redeems through all our choices and the history we come from.  I picked up a book at Barnes and Noble called, "Grandmother Remembers."  It is a sweet book that a grandparent can fill out to tell you all about their life.  I am looking forward to working on this with her and hearing more stories.

On Saturday I took them to a restaurant "off the beaten path," on the way to Brown County, Indiana.  I knew about this restaurant from visiting it with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law in June.  It is the "Farmhouse Cafe and Tea Room," and it is such a neat little quaint place with delicious food.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for a drive in the country, and yummy lunch outdoors!

Tomorrow I'll share about the rest of my weekend, including a delicious recipe!

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cait said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you had a good one! That recipe in the other post looks amazing!

Hope you have another wonderful weekend!