Birthday Presents for a Princess

My niece's birthday was yesterday, (Happy Birthday Braelyn!!!), and we are celebrating this coming weekend.  She is having a princess party on Saturday, so I have of course been thinking about her gift.  First the practical present.  I absolutely love children's books, and think they are a perfect gift from her Aunt Page, the teacher!  Recently I have discovered a great selection of classic stories that now come in huge board books.  With Braelyn's baby brother on the way almost any day now, I am thinking a durable option is the best choice for their home!  Here are my current favorites:

 "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is a wonderful book.  Anything by Eric Carle is always a favorite of mine!

"The Little Engine That Could" by Watty Piper.  A description of my childhood wouldn't be complete without this treasured tale.  My mom reads it best too!

"Corduroy" by Don Freeman.  I absolutely adore this super sweet story.  What's not to love about this little guy!

"Silly Sally" by Audrey Wood  - I have never read this one, but it sure looks fun, and my niece has a sweet, silly, sassy side to her that we all love!  I also like that this book uses rhyme, which is a great way for children to learn fluency and become familiar with word sounds and endings.

Finally, "Tickle Monster" by Josie Bissett.  This "laughing kit" even comes with "tickle mitts"!!  I have actually had my eye on this book for quite awhile now...it would have been a major hit in my family growing up.  It might very well become this year's big niece and nephew gift from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Page!  (Unless my mom or mother-in-law read this and beat me to it! :)  )

Now for the princess part of her gift.  I have decided to get creative and make a princess wand!  This, of course, due to the fact that there are some adorable tutorials out there, and what could be more fun for a princess than a magic wand?!  I will let you know how my interpretation turns out!  For now, check out my adorable inspirations at these sites:


Jess said...

Im so glad you posted these. I've been trying to decide on what famous children book characters to paint on canvanses for the nursery. I love cuordory! And the wands are too cute for our friend's kiddie. Hope all is going well with you!

Carl, Francie and Mallory said...

Page... just enjoyed "catching up with you" via the blog... love to read what you and kevin are up too!!