The Great College Care-package

     A couple days ago I hung out by the pool with two of my lovely friends, Sadie and Macie, who are headed off to college for the first time next week!  Oh how sweet and special that time of adventure is, not knowing what the years ahead hold.  I am prayerful that God will bless them and lead them in ways that are immeasurably more than they could ask or imagine as they embark on this new season of their lives.  I encouraged them to most of all seek God with all of their hearts, walking with the Spirit more than ever, and trusting his leading in the days ahead.

   This also got me thinking about some fun ideas for upcoming care packages that would be fun for them to receive while they are away from home.  My home church was always awesome about sending boxes of all kinds of goodies to the college kids.  Trust me, many girls on my floor were just as excited as me when I received this special box once each semester.  I would like to get creative and pass along this thoughtfulness, so here are some of my first ideas to possibly include in the box:

Candy!!!  All-nighters and new friends.  This needs no further explanation!

(Photo from candy.com)

Fun writing utensils.  Check out this fun new Sharpie invention! My creative and seemingly "always in the know" brother posted a link on his facebook to this great new "liquid pencil" that's coming out in September. What a great idea...and a great gift for any student!  Thanks for the idea Darin!

Starbucks gift card.  Show me an 18 yr. old (or 30 yr. old for that matter!) who could not put one of these to good use!

A great book.  Because this often becomes the topic of many conversations at this (or any!) age, this is a great book to help in what sometimes can be a confusing process for both girls and guys. Kevin and I actually were at Willowcreek Community Church in Chicago this past weekend and Henry Cloud, one of the authors of Boundaries in Dating, gave a great message on intimacy.

A beautiful journal.  I have journaled for many years, and the college years are definitely a unique time of life that deserve to be captured in words!

More gift cards! It's so much fun to get something in the mail that contributes to the love of food and friends!

I love fun stationary. Perideau Designs has some adorable options. Besides, it's great motivation for keeping old fashioned snail mail alive!

Something homemade and yummy for them to munch on and share!  I love to make "Golden Crunch Snack Mix" for parties because it's super easy and everyone loves it!  It's a "finger-food" recipe from my home church cookbook, submitted by Nancy Jo Hammel.  It also would be great to send because it can be packaged to travel well.

Golden Crunch Snack Mix Recipe:
6 cups rice or corn chex
1 cup brown sugar
2 Tbsp. karo syrup
1 stick butter or margarine
1 cup honey roasted peanuts
(reese pieces if you like! this is my favorite tweak!)

-Put the brown sugar, syrup, and butter in a microwavable bowl.  Cook it on high for 1 minute.  Stir and add the cereal and nuts.  Stir to coat.  Cook on high 1 min.  Stir.  Cook on high 1 min. Stir.  Cook on high 1 min. and stir.  Cook on high 1 min. and stir.  (I'm repeating myself on purpose.  Basically do this 4 times!)  Then spread it out on a wax covered tray or cookie sheet and let it cool.  When cooled, break it up and add candy if you would like!  SO simple and delicious!

Be an encouragement and a great listener to anyone you know going through these fun and crazy years of life.  Jonathan Morrow has written a great book to guide students to deciding who they are and living out their faith while in college.  His book is Welcome to College: A Christ-follower's guide for the journey.  It even includes a scripture reading and devotional schedule.

Finally, include a hand written note to remind them someone at home is thinking of and praying for them.  It always feels great to know you are loved, especially when you're away from home!

Have fun celebrating any college students you know in this way!  And if you don't know any, I'm sure many people in your life would just love to be surprised with a random care package or encouraging note.  (Like your spouse!) :)

Happy Thursday!

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