Grandma Love and Lipgloss

I am very much looking forward to a trip to see my Grandma this weekend!  I am always wishing I could spend even more time with her, but I treasure and truly enjoy the times we do get to spend together.  I was there a couple weeks ago and we enjoyed quite a fun girls' day at the mall...particularly the Lancome makeup counter.  She loves the mineral makeup they have, and the lady was so sweet to help my grandma replenish her supply.  She also qualified for a free gift, which is always a delight.  Of course to help her do that my grandma was so sweet to let me pick out a new lipgloss and blush, both of which I am loving.  Lancome has a new lipgloss called, "La Laque Fever," and I chose Optical Rose.  The blush is called Mandarin Sky.

We also had fun trying out the Ahava products, which we loved!  The hand and foot creams are the best, as well as some wonderful smelling new bodywash.  It was especially fun for she and I because we have both been to Israel, where Ahava originated.  All the products contain sea minerals from the Dead Sea, where I picked up some scented sea salts to bring back for her earlier this summer.  Even more fun is the definition of the Hebrew word, "Ahava," which means love.  I love you Grandma, and I'm always blessed by your beautiful company.  I'm looking forward to having more fun with you this weekend!  Thanks for the treats! 
(And for reading my blog) :)


Rachel said...

So precious! I love this...my grandmother is one of my most favorite people, too, so this totally reminds me of something we'd do! How fun! And you are too pretty :) Loving your blog!

cait said...

Love this!!