Back to School Sweetness

Last week I headed up to my friend Traci's house to help get the triplets ready for their first day of kindergarten!  Such a surreal experience; it seems like it just wasn't all that long ago when we were praying and waiting so intently for 3 sweet little baby boys to be released from the NICU.  Nonetheless, their super-cute, sweet little selves were so ready to start school, and so excited for the whole experience.  Traci let me be part of the big reveal as we surprised them with their backpacks, helped them prepare their school supplies, and watched a BrainPop Jr. video about kindergarten. 

The next day we walked them to the bus stop, eagerly awaiting, with Traci fighting back tears.  I had the oh-so wonderful job of holding sweet baby Scarlet.  She is SO precious!  The rest of the day we enjoyed the simplicity and company of only two children, managing to actually have a real adult conversation.  (Although we of course we missed and spent a lot of the day talking about the triplets!)  I think 3 yr. old Armani was in shock with the opportunity to get all the attention and have no one to have to shout over!  When the boys came home they were all smiles and Giovanni said, "It was great!  The teacher said we could come back tomorrow!"  What a fun and special day.

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