Israel - Day 6 - Masada

Good morning!  I hope everyone is doing well at home!  Today in Israel we will visit the Masada, (a place my Grandma has told me a lot about!), the site of the Zealots last stand against the Roman, originally built as a magnificent palace for Herod the Great.  We will also see Tel Arad, the cananite city conquered by Joshua.  Then we will go the Ela Valley, the site fo the battle between David and Goliath.  We will continue traveling towards Jerusalem, and celebrate at the entrance to the Holy City with a traditional blessing.  (This will all have so much more depth and meaning to me when I am able to come back and talk about it after I've been there!  So far I am getting the info. I am sharing with you off the planned itenerary.)

Scripture references -

Masada (not named specifically - thought to be the "stronghold" referred to) -

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1 Chronicles 12:1-16 

Tel Arad -

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Elah Valley -

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Beit Shemesh -

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Emmaus - 

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