Israel - Day 2 - Tel Aviv

Our first day in Israel!  What a week we have ahead of us.  Today we should be arriving in Tel Aviv (Jaffa, Joppa) in that late afternoon, after having flown all night.  Israel is 7 hours ahead of us, so our plan will be to eat dinner as a large group, and try to go to sleep late so we can get a great night's rest.  After 12 hours in a plane, I am hoping we have laughed a lot, read a lot, and had some great conversations.  (As opposed to the exhausted traveler alternatives!)  Please pray we are able to conquer jet lag and sleep well our first night.  I am savoring every moment, trying to capture every memory, and sincerely longing to embrace the Holy Spirit's leading and what God has to reveal to me in this special place.

Scripture references:

Joshua 19:46-47

2 Chronicles 2:16

Ezra 3:7

Jonah 1:3

Acts 9:36-43;10-11

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