Song for the Sabbath (and a GREAT concert!)

Thursday night Kevin and I went to the Phil Stacey/Brit Nicole/Natalie Grant/David Crowder concert. (That's a lot!) I have
been a big Natalie Grant fan since high school, and a super fan of David 
Crowder's music for a long time as well. If you have never seen him in 
concert, definitely make it a point to try and go once. What a wonderful 
experience. And
he's quite hilarious. Natalie has a powerful voice and is a powerful worship leader as well. She sang a couple songs from 
"The Glory Revealed Project," a collection of songs that are composed of 
scriptures as the verses. These songs were 
some of our favorites of the night. The embedded video is not from 
Thursday's concert, but from one where all the artists 
involved in the project participated. Happy Sunday!

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