Private Reward

You have got to listen to this message.  Actually, grab whoever is around you and listen to it together.  I have all kinds of thoughts swirling in my head about all the right words I could use to blog about how honest and powerful it is.  But (sigh), I'm tired.  And I'm honestly just finding it difficult to put all the words in the right order to describe my many thoughts...

Seriously though, this is par for the course for Erwin McManus' sermons.  He's crazy good at using the gifts God gave him, and he is certainly one of the 'heroes of the faith' for Kevin and me.  We listened to this one last night and were taken right back to how, from the beginning of our relationship, we've gotten fired up for life, ministry, God, and all that includes from the holy spirit's work in Erwin's life.  He is an unassuming man living an unbelievable life of ministry.  Check it out.  Keep in mind, he is eccentric, creative, and not afraid to be bold or messy.  Not exactly typical or predictable, but definitely refreshing, and certainly producing the fruit of great wisdom and service to God.  If you listen, you might want to take notes...and it will certainly take some pondering.  (FYI - Kevin says the one he listened to tonight is amazing as well.)

One of our favorite quotes from the sermon:

"The measurement of our life is not our need for public recognition, but private reward." 

Recommended summer reading:


Tyne said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I am going to get up really early and listen to it. From the quote that you offered, it seems like it could be just what I need to start my day off!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Erwin McManus changed our lives forever. He is the reason we adopted after hearing his sermon about being a Barbaric Christian. LOVE HIM!