Pedicures and Peonies

My weekend fun continued after the cowboy birthday party on Saturday, when  I took my sweet friend Jan to get her first pedicure.  Fun!  First let me tell you, this woman is as faithful as she is passionate, and as spunky as she is kind.  She selflessly loves serving her church and her community, and it is so much fun to eat in her home, as she always sets a beautiful table, and serves delicious food.  She has truly created a culture of prayer in her home that reflects a serious pursuit of God.  He has been incredibly faithful to her through these last few months of grieving over her late husband, Pat, who was an amazing man of God, and whose powerful funeral I wrote about here.

So on Saturday I took her to get her first pedicure, and we had so much fun.  We laughed and laughed, and she loved it.  I rarely indulge in one of these, (although it is one of my favorite pampering activities), but I had a generous gift card from my mother-in-law for my birthday.  (Thank you Carolyn for my pretty pink toes!)  And the place I go here in town is decently priced and worth every penny!  I was bummed when I realized I had forgotten my camera, but my sweet husband graciously drove it to us so we could capture our memory.  Jan, with her spontaneous spirit, pulled out her Jackie-O sunglasses to get ready for her closeup.  It was hilarious!

Thanks for the fun Jan!

Then on Sunday, Kevin and I decided to drive up to see my Grandma in the afternoon.  That was a treat, as always, and I was thankful to be able to spend Mother's Day with her.  While we were there we walked across the street to check out the greenhouse filled with beautiful flowers.  It was unfortunately locked, so we could only sneak a peek.  But my grandma decided to swipe a pretty pink peony from the bush right next to it.  I so love her spontaneity.  (And certainty that it's perfectly fine for her to pick a flower if she wants to!  Wisdom that only comes with age...)  We love you Grandma!  It was so much fun to spend Sunday with you!

This little guy has a birthday tomorrow!  Can you guess who I will be blogging about?? :)

I love you Grandma...you are a beautiful lady!


cait said...

I just love that you took "Mrs. Butler" (as I know her) to get a pedicure! Way too precious!! And the huge celeb-like sunglasses literally take me back to my 5th grade days. What an amazing woman!! I just love how you pour out your heart and love on people!! So inspiring!

lindam said...

Wow Pagee..you and Kevin outdid yourselves! The pics are amazing and I'm sure everything was so delicious. Traci is blessed to have you for a friend. I am blessed to have you for a daughter.
love ya,