Crazy for Cupcakes

So I am loving the latest craze.  Gourmet, super-cute cupcake making.  I just told Kevin the other day how much fun I think it would be to have a cute cupcake shop.  In the meantime, two great books from the amazing Hello Cupcake company will have to do.  They have a real-life and online store, and a fun blog.  Check out the video for how to make "fur balls" and "string monsters."  I'll keep you posted on any attempts to replicate their masterpieces!

Check out this link to watch how to make these crazy cute corn on the cob cupcakes!

You can also watch the authors make "Fur Balls and String Monsters".

Happy cupcake baking!!!


Tyler Ash said...

Those look so fun! I might have to try the corn cob cupcakes!!!

Tyler Ash said...

This is Mary Ellen by the way...not Tyler. :0)

Tyne said...

Those cupcakes are awesome! I love the corn cob ones!