Big Day for My Chai

Happy Birthday Chai!
(Here's a little bit of our story...)

A little over 6 years ago I was driving away from a long weekend babysitting job in tears.  For 8 years I had the joy of taking care of 3 great kids on a regular basis, including when their parents went out of town for weekends and longer trips.  These were some of my favorite times, as I got to do what I loved most, 24 hours a day, loving on these children who had come to mean so much to me, and having the chance to  practice my "mom" skills!  So on that particular day, after their parents had come home and I was driving away, I was overcome with the bummer part of going back to just taking care of myself, not knowing when or if the "mommy world" would ever be a reality for me.  Yet I had this longing to fill the "need to nurture" inside me.

So I did what any "determined to be content being single and trusting God's timing" girl would do.  I decided to get a dog.  Much research and many phone calls later, a woman told me I could come pick up my new little shih-tzu puppy in late July of that year.  I named him Chai because my favorite drink at my friend Traci's coffeeshop was a $4 sugar-free frozen vanilla chai tea, and I drank one nearly every single day that summer.  (Until I got a clue and did the math - yikes!!!)

So on the day I could pick him up, Traci and I drove to the bank, I took out an amount of money from the ATM that my husband would never let me spend on a dog now, and drove an hour and a half to get my little Chai.  He was the cutest, sweetest puppy, and I have loved him like crazy ever since.  Today he is 6 years old, and yes, I am one of those dog moms.  He is my baby, and especially significant now because he is my little bit of "familiar" from my single days in a different city before I moved here almost 2 yrs. ago.  I am very thankful to have this little guy to love.  (And grateful that Kevin loves him too!)  He really is a great dog - incredibly loyal and oh so loving!  Happy 6th birthday Chai!


Tyne said...

Chai is too cute! If you ever get the urge, I have four darling children that would love for you to visit.

cait said...

Chai is a cutie! Glad to see Boone isn't the only pup spoiled by his "puppy mommy". :)

kakalderman said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's so great to meet fellow blogging Sister in Christ. And my husband's name is Kevin too! :)