Book Fair Fun

This week is the book fair at my school, which just means that these big silver book carts are rolled into the library and explode with new books for the kids (and their parents!) to drool over and buy.  It's a great feeling to take the kids to preview the books and see them get excited about reading.

As an avid reader and a bookstore lover myself, my heart also skips a beat or two when I am surrounded by new books with crisp pages and brightly colored illustrations.  And children's books are something special.  I love the creativity put into these books, and many also have a sweet message.  As a teacher, I also see first hand what a difference reading at home makes for my kiddos.  So today I thought I'd share a few books that have caught my eye recently at the book fair or Barnes and Noble, and a couple of my favorites that I consider must haves.  Happy reading with your little ones!

This is a new book about a sweet little boy named Liam and his garden.  Very cute!

Always a true classic.  I love the illustrations in this one!

My mom bought me this at the beginning of the year and it's so sweet.  My kids love to read it!

This is another new one I saw at the book fair that has a simple message about liking your unique self.

I saw this in Barnes and Noble and thought it was too cute.  I was the little girl who was always complaining about it being too tight, too itchy, too uncomfortable, etc.  So I can relate! :)

Max Lucado is an amazing story teller, and I especially love his children's books, starting with You Are Special.   This is his latest, sharing a message to kids about how much they matter, just the way they are.

This book is just hilarious to me, and so cute.  And as a girl who doesn't always succeed in being the first to say "sorry," I can appreciate this one!  I'm sure it will come in handy when I have my own little mini-me running around as well!

I learned about this book when I was in school to be a teacher, and it is simple but wonderful.  Especially if you have a little one who struggles to see the beauty in his or her own abilities and gifts.

An obvious classic for my family.  My mom loved reading this to us when we were young.  So fun!

Finally, one my most favorite authors wrote this one.  It is a sweet story about how we often celebrate the "firsts" in life but many times we forget to notice the "lasts" before little kids grow up.  Love it!

(All these books can be found at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com)


cait said...

I love this post!! I'm like you with the new books...and I can't wait to go spend my money for having my kiddos eat lunch in the classroom. What excitement $10 can give to a teacher! ha!

Tiffany said...

Oh, this just got me so excited because I LOVE children's books so much! I have a ridiculous amount that I acquired during my 4 years of teaching. Even though we often get Tyson & Avery books for gifts, I feel so out of the loop with the new ones and what is currently out there. So, thanks for sharing! These look like some good ones and there is only 1 that I already have! : )