The Great Skate

Tonight was the school-wide roller skating party!  Hello '80s! (and '90s for that matter)  If you haven't been in awhile, be sure to make a date soon.  Where I'm from we used to love roller skating at the rink in our small town.  Tonight Kevin went with me, and the last time either of us went was 10 years ago.  (Thanks for being a good sport honey!)  We had a blast!  Aside from the psychadelic black lighting that made everyone look like gloworms, as well as making it way too easy for the millions of little kids to spontaneously wipe out all over the place, it was great.  Fun music, happy students, lots of laughing... just good to feel like a kid again!

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Carmel said...

i love this! eric and i might have to make a date night to go roller skating soon! xoxo