Snow and Knitting

Today was officially snow day #5!  So while enjoying a day of both productive and unproductive (yet fun!) activities, I decided to learn how to knit!  My grandma gave me a great box of yarn and all kinds of knitting needles quite awhile ago, and after an inspiring night at Barnes and Noble last night, today was the day to learn.

I learned how to "cast on" after watching this YouTube video at least a million times.  I tried not to get frustrated, and I refused to give up.  Knitting is just not an easy thing to replicate simply by watching someone else do it!  After much perseverance I finally got it.  Then I watched this video from Knit Picks to learn how to make a scarf.  They also have some other great tutorials on there.  I have my sights set on making an adorable round hat!  While I can see the scarf is going to take me quite some time, knitting is very relaxing, and I am excited to have a new creative outlet!  I'm a knitter!

P.S.  This very old and "classic" book did absolutely nothing for me.  I don't think this is the sort of thing that someone like me can learn from looking at one-dimensional pictures!  But that certainly doesn't stop me from trying! :)

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cait said...

Yay! Now I can show you how to make those great bracelets by knitting with wire...it's actually easier for me than yarn...because I don't have a great attention span. :) Way to go! (The book I had didn't help me a bit either.)